Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trying Ma' Hand at Graph. Des.

       I just came across, rather serendipitously, a work-study employee organizing photographs of the school into neat little piles on the "special materials" table in the Decker Library basement.  After judiciously interrupting him, I proceeded to leaf through the seemingly endless materials till at last I chanced upon some titillating photographs of the Station clock-tower.  I archived a few digitally that I thought would be a boon WICV's public image. 


  1. nice image man! but after the meeting today we found out we probably won't be able to broadcast from the clock tower for a while

  2. we aint countin you out of nothing! you're stickin with us

  3. i don't understand how the light is hitting the top. Instead of white, shouldn't that portion of the pyramid be in shadow?