Monday, November 2, 2009

can the various committees send me what they have by 3:00pm on Tues

That will give me time to compile your research and put something coherent together for my meeting. I am trying to raise start up money now, but will want to articulate how we want to grow in the coming years, so you can help me by differentiating between the two with regard to hardware/software/space, etc..

if you can provide pricing and specifics and rationale for the following;

dedicated server
live streaming/broadcasting software
hardware that allows us to do telephone interviews
hardware that allows us to stream live, remotely
booth construction/costs
what else?

also, for those of you that are working on visuals i was thinking it might be helpful to include the station tower,( conceptually, as illustration) the more we can marry the radio station to the station tower space the better ...

for licensing; please get in touch with amber. at this point I think it is wise to focus on web radio issues, so we can start broadcasting. Regardless of whether we get bandwidth down the road, we will more than likely have to prove to the admin that we are for real on the web first...

unless, you want to scrap the idea of any institutional relationship all together and become pirates. there is an argument to be made for that route too! either way, I am going to a meeting on wed a.m. to ask for seed money from the school and would like to include any licensing costs in the budget and be informed about the relevant issues.

also, please send me the abstracts for your radio shows you are interested in putting on. it will give them a sense of how great this is going to be!


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