Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Annie and Ellen's Radio Show (no title yet)

Free Association Radio Show

General Structure: We decide a theme for each week. It can have to do with a holiday that week, or a poem, or a random idea like being stuck in an elevator. We will welcome listeners to send in theme ideas. One of us plays a song that has to do with that theme, and while that song is playing the other has to come up with a song that they associate with the theme and that song. It is basically free association with songs. It will be spur of the moment; we will not plan it beforehand. The songs can stray from the theme as this progresses. By the end of the show we will try to tie the last song back into the original theme.

Special Segment: Baltimore Find of the Week

Both of us share an object, observation, interaction, or other Baltimore experiences in one minute. For instance, we could give a quick food review of a Mexican restaurant we travelled to.

Timing: We figure each song is about two minutes and thirty seconds, so we will play around ten songs each show.We will play all kinds of music, from pop to alternative to jazz.


  1. HEY GUYS, send me a preview of this. sounds great! 3-5 minute audio file sent to beki@bekibasch.com

  2. ok we will soon! going to learn the recording equipment tues so hopefully then. mp3 ok?