Thursday, October 22, 2009

Updates on research

I've been in contact with a friend who used to dj at WVKR.  He gave me some general advice, as well as asked the advice of others more knowledgeable in the field.

Here is the gist of our back and forth:

One thing he suggested is underwriting.  In the last meeting there seemed to be some hesitancy in regard to outside patronage but this seems like a good alternative:

"depending on how much money, if any, your school is willing to pour into the project you might need to find external sources of revenue just to keep the station afloat. underwriting is one way for a non-commercial station to receive money. it's kind of like a commercial but its done in a very controlled manner. you approach an organization in your community and ask if they would like to purchase underwriting support on your station - basically they pay you some sum of money every month and in exchange you create the terms for which one or many of your DJs take a moment during each show to thank that company for providing underwriting support. you can't tell the listeners to go patronize that company but it still gets their name out over the air and gets the station money."

Trevor also suggested Prometheus, but the issue there is that the FCC just announced a non-commercial full power application window on Friday. New low power stations won't be available until the Local Community Radio Act passes. It passed Committee last week and should go to a full House vote by the end of the month.  There's more on the website,

The FCC has announced an immediate freeze on certain FM allotment
proposals -- and an eventual freeze on ALL FM applications -- in light of
the upcoming December filing window for 67 FM channels reserved for
non-commercial use.

Heres the link:

I have the contact info of two employees at WVKR and I will contact them as soon as I can.  Although, since I've been rather busy, if anyone wants those numbers who has the time to pursue them, email me or comment here with your preferred email, and I will send them your way.




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