Saturday, October 17, 2009

Word, words, words

These are all tentative, open to suggestion, and very much underdeveloped:

"Bad Comma" Grammar lessons interspersed with 80's and 90's hardcore–A half-hour/forty-five minutes

"If it ain't baroque, don't fix it" Baroque music in tandem with aphorisms–An hour

"On this day in the 13th century..." Pretty self-explanatory–Five minutes or less

"Sounds from the Supercontinent" World musical stylings supplemented by continental drift theory and geology lessons–An hour


In 1934, the anthology series Lights Out debuted and exploited many of radio's unique qualities to massive success. The program was penned by Wyllis Cooper and aired at midnight. Cooper employed stream of conscious monologues, multiple first-person narrators and internal monologues which were at odds with the characters' spoken dialog. It's most often remembered, however, for its gruesome and explicit sound effects which attempted to suggest joints being ripped from sockets, skin being eviscerated, heads being decapitated and other depictions of violence that would still be pushing the envelope, even on modern cable television programs. 

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