Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Meeting- "a beautiful baby slowly forming"

Thanks for being here.
The next WICV radio (unofficial MICA radio) meeting will take place on October 28th '09 at 10:30 PM in the S106 of the MICA Station Building.

In this meeting we will be going over programming ideas including rough audio program sketches.

Research for the 28th includes:

Matt Fox: Software Research
Neil Sanzgiri: Hardware Research
Graham Wimbrow: Staffing Research
Peter Boyce: Staffing Research
Zack Genin: Staffing Research
Max Guy: Public Relations
Colin VanWinkle: Public Relations
Dan Allende: Political Relationship
Ben Luzzatto: Copyright & Location

Everyone: WICV Radio Design Ideas/Name Ideas
Everyone: Programming Samples

Everyone: Spread the word!

Those who are working in a group or on similar projects and all those working on specific research keep the blog updated.

All post design ideas to the blog.

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